Tuesday, 3 July 2012

SEO Tools To Speed Up Manual Link Building

Link Building is a process of giving back-links to websites from other sites. Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Article Submission, etc are some popular methods of link building. There are some addons in Mozilla Firefox which we can use for doing link building. It will surely beneficial for increasing speed of link building.

  1. Autofill: Auto-fill Forms allows you to complete web forms with one click on or a key board short cut. You can add fields and profiles to it as per your requirement.

  2. InFormEnter: There are chances that some form-fields remain blank after using Auto-fill. In such conditions, you can use Informenter. It is useful in form filling in semi-automatic mode.

  3. Copy URL Expert / CopyAllUrls: Say STOP to manual copy-paste urls in web browser. Copy Url Expert enable you copying all web addresses in all windows or single window with single click.

  4. Url Opener: A SEO tool to open several websites at the same time. Just Single click and Save time for open many site. We recommend setting your browser to open new windows in tabs.

  5. SearchStatus: A bunch of SEO tools. It displays Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, Compete ranking along with keyword density, keyword/nofollow highlighting, related links and other SEO tools.

These are some add-ons available for link building. Try this for your work and see the result.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Types of SEO

Hello Friends,

In my last post What is Search Engine Optimization? We discussed regarding the term SEO. Now we will learn something about its types. As we know well Search Engine Optimization is set of methods and techniques for improving ranking of the website in search engine listings. On the basis of such techniques used, SEO is classified into three important types.

White hat SEO:

As name describes, white hat seo is clean and clear part of seo. White hat seo involves techniques, strategies which are based on guidelines of search engines and this is what every business want for their site. Generally White hat seo deals with a unique & quality content on the site, keyword analysis, proper link building and link popularity and much more. White hat seo is a ongoing process.

White hat seo have a strong foundation of ethical strategies and methods so we can say it is a risk free seo type. White hat seo takes more time for getting best results so it is very useful for businesses which want to make long time investment on their websites. The results of these methods are long lasting.

Black Hat SEO:

As name suggests, black hat seo is set of techniques for best ranking in search engine listings in unethical manner. Generally Businesses who want instant results for their websites go for such seo.
Black hat seo doesn't follow search engines guidelines and rules. In this type websites present different content different content for search engines crawlers and users, we can call it as “Invisible text”. Many other techniques such as keyword stuffing, Google Bowling, Doorway Pages, Hidden affiliate links are used in Black hat seo.

Though Black hat SEO gives fast results to businesses, it is very costly. Businesses have to pay a lot more for getting best. Today search engines are updating themselves for recognising such activities. If any website found doing such, then search engine can take a strict action against such websites so it is more risky and expensive type of seo.

Gray Hat SEO:

Little White and Little Black. Exactly what you are thinking. We discussed about white hat and black hat. You might notice that every type has some drawbacks. Though it is risk free, white hat seo gives results very slowly and about black hat, you can think yourself. So for fast and risk free results, Webmasters apply mixture of methods and tactics of white hat and black hat, so such set of methods called as “Grey hat seo”.

Though grey hat seo have low risk of getting penalised by search engines but at the same time it is less preferable then white hat. Black hat seo includes keyword stuffing, use of paid links, etc. These methods are uncertain but not in the same classification as black hat SEO methods. However, what's considered Grey hat SEO today might be black hat SEO next time.

This is all about types of SEO. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Define Search Engine Optimization

Hello Friends,

Myself Sagar Sawant. I am working in SEO industry as Off Page Optimizer. Today I am going to share about this SEO industry. I am sure you will like this.

First We will start with the term "Search Engine". Search Engine is a platform to find information on World Wide Web. The information may consist of web pages, images and other types of files. The best examples are Google, msn, yahoo, etc.

Meaning of SEO

Search Engine Optimization , commonly known as SEO, is a set of methods for improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings. Every Search Engine have their own datebase, information etc. As per user's query, search engine delivered results. As per website's quality, search engines rank web pages in their database. SEO is a method which allows search engines find and place your site better than other websites in response to a search query.

Need For Search Engine Optimization

Websites are usually developed to do business on web or to promote your business using website. It is very much essential for the web page to be visible on various search engines in both cases as search engines provide more then 90% quality hits to the website. Now a days every business organization should have an presence on internet so building website has become very necessary but at the same time there is no use of having a website if your prospective customers can't find it. Right...

This is where SEO plays an important role. Website gives existence to your business and SEO gives visibility to your website on world wide web. This cause quality visits to your business and finally give good returns to your business.

Scope of SEO in India

The SEO in India is still in its beginning stage. People have recognized the idea and opportunity of online promotion just a few years ago. And from the market point of view, work of SEO is more cheaper in india than western countries because of good human resource availability. Hence, people from those countries are used to outsource there work to India. They take work from there countries and then outsource it to India where they can easily get resources in cheaper rate. Hence, There is quite huge scope for SEO in India in near future.

Skills Required for SEO Analyst

As more and more business organizations are becoming conscious of the importance of SEO, Opportunities in this field are rising at a quicker pace. If you are dynamic with excellent analytic abilities then yes, SEO is for you. You just need to update yourself with the latest happenings in the field, keep researching and be able to build a strong strategy to beat your competitor. Finally success will be yours.

This is all about Search Engine Optimization. Hope this information useful to you.

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